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    • Spatial and temporal trends of mercury in freshwater fish in Fennoscandia (1965-2015) 

      Braaten, Hans Fredrik Veiteberg; Åkerblom, Staffan; de Wit, Heleen; Skotte, Gunnar; Rask, Martti; Vuorenmaa, Jussi; Kahilainen, Kimmo K.; Malinen, Tommi; Rognerud, Sigurd; Lydersen, Espen; Amundsen, Per-Arne; Kashulin, Nicholas; Kashulina, Tatiana; Terentyev, Petr; Christensen, Guttorm; Jackson-Blake, Leah Amber; Lund, Espen; Rosseland, Bjørn Olav (NIVA-rapport;7179, Research report, 2017-09)
      Mercury (Hg) emissions to the atmosphere cause elevated Hg levels in fish, even in many remote regions of the world. Here we present an extensive database of more than 50 000 measurements of Hg in fish, including 2 775 ...
    • Tilførselsprogrammet: 2010 Passive air and water sampling at Andøya, Bjørnøya and Jan Mayen, 2009-2010 

      Allan, Ian J.; Aas, Wenche; Green, Norman W.; Bæk, Kine; Christensen, Guttorm; Breivik, Knut (NIVA-rapport;6188, Research report, 2011)
      As part of the Climate and Pollution Agency (Klif) monitoring programme on fluxes of contaminants in the Barents Sea, Norwegian Sea and North Sea, passive sampling was undertaken at Andøya, Bjørnøya and Jan Mayen to measure ...