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  • Mercury Risk Evaluation, Risk Management and Risk Reduction Measures in the Arctic (ARCRISK) – Inception Report 

    Gundersen, Cathrine Brecke; Braaten, Hans Fredrik Veiteberg; Steindal, Eirik Hovland; Moe, S. Jannicke; Yakushev, Evgeniy; Christensen, Guttorm; Kirk, Jane; Hintelmann, Holger; Frolova, Natalia; Terentjev, Petr; Roberts, Sarah (NIVA-rapport;7489, Research report, 2020)
    The project “Risk evaluation, risk reduction and risk management action plans for mercury in the Arctic – a circumpolar management approach” (ARCRISK) has been developed to address mercury pollution in the Arctic. The main ...
  • Environmental effects of offshore produced water discharges: A review focused on the Norwegian continental shelf 

    Beyer, Jonny; Goksøyr, Anders; Hjermann, Dag Øystein; Klungsøyr, Jarle (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2020)
    Produced water (PW), a large byproduct of offshore oil and gas extraction, is reinjected to formations or discharged to the sea after treatment. The discharges contain dispersed crude oil, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons ...
  • Benthic Diatom Communities in Urban Streams and the Role of Riparian Buffers 

    Mutinova, Petra Thea; Kahlert, Maria; Kupilas, Benjamin; McKie, Brendan G.; Friberg, Nikolai; Burdon, Francis J. (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2020)
    Urbanization impacts stream ecosystems globally through degraded water quality, altered hydrology, and landscape disturbances at the catchment and riparian scales, causing biodiversity losses and altered system functioning. ...
  • The Structure of Riparian Vegetation in Agricultural Landscapes Influences Spider Communities and Aquatic-Terrestrial Linkages 

    Ramberg, Ellinor; Burdon, Francis J.; Sargac, Jasmina; Kupilas, Benjamin; Risnoveanu, Geta; Lau, Danny C P; Johnson, Richard K.; McKie, Brendan G. (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2020)
    Riparian habitats are important ecotones connecting aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems, but are often highly degraded by human activities. Riparian buffers might help support impacted riparian communities, and improve ...
  • Multi-laboratory validation of a new marine biodegradation screening test for chemical persistence assessment 

    Ott, Amelie; Martin, Timothy J.; Acharya, Kishor; Lyon, Delina Y.; Robinson, Nik; Rowles, Bob; Snape, Jason R.; Still, Ian; Whale, Graham F.; Albright, Vurtice C.; Bäverbäck, Petra; Best, Nicola; Commander, Ruth; Eickhoff, Curtis; Finn, Sarah; Hidding, Björn; Maischak, Heiko; Sowders, Katherine A.; Taruki, Masanori; Walton, Helen E.; Wennberg, Aina Charlotte; Davenport, Russell J. (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2020)
    Current biodegradation screening tests are not specifically designed for persistence assessment of chemicals, often show high inter- and intra-test variability, and often give false negative biodegradation results. Based ...

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